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Our Company H.R.M

  • HRM is the Management through the Development of people strictly complying on “Theory Y” and not only directing & delegating of assignments.
  • HRM is the distinct process consisting of planning, organizing, coordinating, actuating, controlling and motivating through perfect performance appraisals, proper talent management, effective Employee relation and retention management by satisfying employees’ expectation, performing to determine and accomplish the objectives of the organization by the use of people and resources.
  • An organization is like a social system and must endeavor to provide dignity and happiness to its members. To stride to provide a satisfying and a rewarding job to develop the high morale amongst the employees, develop a cohesive work group to promote social relationship and improve productivity.
  • Develop a conducive and healthy work environment with strict discipline consists of clear goals, proper facilities, performance recognition, performance based rewards, participative decision making & Practicality based policy.

Human Resource Development

“Confident People attract good talent, and generosity is a sign of such confidence. A successful manager is unfailingly generous and shares the credit for his achievement with everyone of his team members. He follows the adage, “praise in public and criticize in private”. In fact fostering such self-esteem is extremely important for individuals to contribute ideas and add value to a team effectively. Self-esteem flourishes when discussion can be held in an environment of civility and courtesy to everybody.............."