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Career Opportunity

Madox Remedies offers a wide range of career opportunities and is keen to employ a workforce of innovative people who can work together and add value to our vision.

Madox Remedies is an equal opportunity employer and provides employment to people from diverse backgrounds.

What is Employee expectation?

  • Who had something to do with hiring me and who wants me to work for him.
  • Who helps me when I am new, to get acquainted with my job.
  • Who explains to me just what my job is and what I am expected to do.
  • Who tells me frequently how I am getting along, what I do well and what I don’t do well, who shows me how to do better.
  • Who not only thinks of me for what I am but also for what I may become.
  • Who takes a personal interest in me and my job related problems.
  • Who listens to my ideas for making the job easier and better.
  • Who has something to do with my pay and does it when the time comes.
  • Who stands up for me when I am right.
  • Who is honest with me.
  • Who tells about changes before they made.
  • Who has personal confidence in me.